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Thursday, June 13, 2013

How to Find the RSS Feed on a Facebook Page

There may be some instances where you might want to find the RSS feed of one of your favorite Facebook pages and share all their great info on your website, blog, Twitter, or other social media account. Or you might want to share your own Facebook page with some of your blogs or other social media pages. It's a way to streamline and share content while you work on projects and do whatever it is that you do.

1. Copy the following code link and paste it into the block where you plan to set the RSS feed. For instance, if you are setting your RSS feed through, it would look like the image below.

2. Then go to the Facebook page and click on a photo from that page. Go to the url link at the top and copy the set of numbers right before (.&type=).

For example, you would highlight and copy the numbers I have highlighted below from the Facebook url:

3. Now go back to your RSS feed block that you had copied earlier. (In my case it would be the Twitterfeed block.) Paste these numbers after the (=) at the end of the RSS feed you had pasted earlier.

Now you have the entire RSS feed. Test it and make sure it will parse correctly and you should be set to go. 

Note: Facebook is constantly changing things, so as of the date of this posting, this works. It may become obsolete once Facebook updates their site again. 


  1. It isn't working anymore :( Any idea how one would do it now?

  2. Not since they reconfigured the FB pages again. I'll write another post if I figure it out. Thanks for asking.

  3. I have another page lifting all my posts either using it as their own, which is plagiarizing my page or being obscure as to where it came from. How do I block this community page from taking my content? All they have to do is hit the share button, and instead they blocked 'me.'
    They are taking everything I am writing, as this page is a community hub for a reference point on what is going on in the area, and it looks as if I am posting all these things on there page. Help?

  4. It IS working! Thanks!

  5. stilling working pretty cool


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