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Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Low Down on TweetAdder 4.0 & Warning on Other Twitter Services

Here is the background: On April 6, 2012, Twitter launched a lawsuit against 5 services, 3 of which were Tweet Attacks, Tweet Adder, and Tweet Buddy claiming that the services violated Twitter's spam policy by providing auto follows/unfollows. (More info here and here.) Tweet Adder was the only service of the three to settle with Twitter and agree to provide alternative solutions. The result was TweetAdder 4.0 with significant changes. 

For the record, and in my humble opinion, TweetAdder has never been a spam software nor did it ever encourage users to spam others. What Twitter didn't like about TweetAdder is that it allowed automated following and unfollowing, but that isn't exactly spam. Traditionally, spam has been defined as sending and/or posting unwanted content to people and places who never subscribed or agreed to receive it. Spam is not following and unfollowing people whether manually or automatically, especially when users have the right and the ability to protect their accounts from being followed without prior approval. 

This post is merely meant to provide a little more information to other users who may have been like me and not following this piece of developing news. TweetAdder was not very transparent in the transition of its services, and certainly not forthcoming and honest about the upcoming changes from TweetAdder 3.0 to 4.0 to current users. As a paying customer, I feel like they at least owed me the truth. 

Even if you want to keep using TweetAdder 4.0, comments have been closed on their help blog. Emails are not being returned. Customers are being ignored, and the new upgraded program keeps crashing. I still believe there are some useful features in the new version, if only I could keep it running long enough to find out for sure. 

After May 24, 2013, the former 3.0 version will no longer be supported and may not work for those who currently have it, so reverting back to the old version may not be an option. 

I caution people who are looking for alternatives to invest in. I've seen a lot of people talking about switching to Tweet Attacks and/or Tweet Marketing Robot (aka: Tweet Demon) on forums, the latter now being touted as the TweetAdder alternative. Please do your homework. Tweet Attacks was listed in the lawsuit as well and their services will soon be unavailable, if not already. Then remains the question, how long will Twitter allow Tweet Marketing Robot to keep operating?

If Twitter refuses to allow the use of automated follow/unfollow services, then it is only a matter of time before they go after other services and have them shut down. Therefore, I caution you to consider this before investing money into another service that claims to be similar to TweetAdder's former services. 

In the meantime, I hope TweetAdder will get their act together and start responding to current customer concerns, crashing issues, and do damage control (PR) for the less than professional way they have handled this transition. As others have already stated all over the Internet, I'm disappointed in the WAY TweetAdder handled this situation. 

As Lynn Serafinn posted on a recent blog post: TweetAdder Could have practiced the Grace of Transparency and I couldn't agree more. 


  1. Thanks for the info! I didn't know about this lawsuit. Anyway it's one more good reason to switch to the smm software with a more reliable reputation. For example, BuzzBundle is way better than TweetAdder or any other tool of the kind, plus it has an extended functionality that lets you manage your overall presence of social media.

  2. The thing I liked about TweetAdder (besides its automation features) is that it was a database. It kept a log of all of the people you followed and unfollowed. That way a year later, you didn't accidentally refollow someone you had already unfollowed for whatever reasons. Does Buzz Bundle do this?

  3. It becomes a manageable work if visitors are categorized as per their area of interest.Tweet adder will be a boon for the ones who hold interest in specific areas.

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  4. I'm finding Tweepi to be helpful. Right now I'm using a combination of it and TweetAdder 4.0. If they do not come up with some new updates that "really" fix some of the bugs in TweetAdder 4.0 that keep making it crash, I will have to drop using it altogether. It's taking more time than I have to keep restarting it.

  5. I'd opt for BuzzBundle which is much more reliable in this sense.

  6. As long as the value social media platforms continue to grow, particularly in the world of business, some alternative to TweetAdder is always going to pop up. I think they're important and valuable in remaining competitive, and one can access relevant followers, of which a percentage will genuinely be interested.

    I think the lawsuit has sprung from the ethics behind these programs, manipulating the functions of twitter and creating this mass flood of follow/unfollow trends. I have recently come across a software called Twiz, and can say that this one may be one that sticks.

    It's kind of like a no-frills digital marketing agency, because what they do is get their account managers to log onto your account daily and manually grow your audience for you, and this is for a fraction of the price that regular digital marketing agencies charge. So Twiz basically achieves the same results as automated following and it doesn't violate twitters terms of use

    However, you gotta wonder, who exactly is being employed to do these manual follows? It's gotta be outsourced/off-shore employees at the rates these guys are charging...

    All the same, I do recommend checking it out if building your twitter audience with some piece of mind is your thing.

  7. I don't want other people logging into my accounts. The automated system that TweetAdder had didn't require individuals to manually login to my accounts. For some reason, that bothers me more than the computerized system.

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