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Twitter Parties

What is a Twitter Party?

It's basically a fun, virtual way for people to connect, learn, and celebrate using the Twitter platform. In our case, we celebrate new book launch releases with our authors and connect them to current and potential readers. We also give away free gifts!

The party usually takes place on an evening after most people are home from work during a scheduled hour. The co-hosts is a representative from Upon the Rock Publicist and the author. Twitter users will tweet using a specific hashtag (#) that will be registered on Twubs and announced by the hosts prior to the event. It's a great way to generate interest around new books, bring awareness to an author's brand and platform, and another way to get people talking about your book with enthusiasm. Some twitter parties can be extended to video chats via Google Hangout and/or live through a streaming YouTube feed.

If you are interested in participating in a Twitter party, or hosting one of your own, Contact Us!

Twitter Parties - $200 if not included in package


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