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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Discover How Norma Joyce Dougherty Fights Human Trafficking

From Norma
To think that the "oppressed have no comforter" in their time of need was so overwhelming, I wanted to do something to bring the message of Jesus's love to them. It is my hope that these precious children will learn to sing "Jesus Loves Me This I Know." Perhaps some day when their tears soak their pillow, they can rock themselves to sleep at night with these words in their heart. The least we can do as followers of Christ is introduce them to the Comforter.

(January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month)

Norma's Bio
Norma Joyce Dougherty is a motivational speaker, a conference planner, and a leader of women's Bible study groups. She is a former District Consulting Coordinator and former member of the National Board of Directors for Stonecroft Ministries, Inc. She is currently working with non-profits to bring awareness and prevention of sex trafficking to at-risk young girls within her community of Charlotte, NC where she has lived with her husband and family for the past 24 years.

Norma's new book, "Island Girl: A Triumph of the Spirit" will be out this spring. 
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