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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Need Some Social Media Knowledge? Or a Social Media Job?

HootSuite is now offering HootSuite University. Here's an excerpt straight from their latest newsletter, Marketers, industry professionals, consultants and those looking for advanced social media skills will enjoy the helpful webinars and a bevy of new videos too. Curious? HSU is offering the first video series free for everyone. Visit to watch.

Of course, the first "free" video is only the basics, most of it is self-explanatory and you can pretty much figure it out yourself. Therefore, in my humble opinion, there isn't much they're offering for free. However, you can advance to the next level, for a fee of $21.99/month if you already pay for their Pro-package, or $26.99 if you're using the free version of HootSuite. 

I'm not sure if one can learn enough from the first month or two or how long the process takes before you earn your certification. And yes, they are offering certifications. For those of us who may have graduated college with a marketing degree before 2011, I'm sure your field of study didn't include Social Media and you're now being asked to figure it out as you go along. I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who has taken HootSuite's course. 

One great aspect I believe is going to be very beneficial is their Social Media Job Board. They have listings from companies all over America hiring for positions requiring Social Media skills and knowledge. 

Are you already using HootSuite? How do you like it?


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