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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Speaker Jill Richardson Gives Advice on Recovering from the Mommie Dearest Syndrome

Pen Name: Jill Richardson

Fees: $75-$500, +Travel

Travel: Midwest states. Contingent upon fee offered.

Categories: Cancer Survivor, Marriage, Editing, Relationships, Emotional Healing, 

Speaking Topics
  • How Come I Was So Nice Before Having Kids?

An exploration of the changes motherhood brings and the anger we never expected to erupt in our storybook lives. Are you the only one who feels like Mommie Dearest? Or is it normal? Can patterns change it before it's too late? An honest look at anger management for parents in the trenches. What causes it, and how can we deal with it?
  • Perfect is the Enemy of Good Enough

Are you exhausted by living amid the cult of excellence? Convinced that anything less than 110% is losing? Scared that making mistakes means you are a failure? Or do you have the subversive suspicion that, sometimes, good enough really is good enough? Follow Jill with steps to 'recovery' of your life and freedom to be Jesus' idea of "perfect."
  • I've Got a Gun in My Garage, a Sword in My Car, and a Body in My Freezer - Life Lessons from Community Theater

Life is full of improvising, creating something out of nothing, getting out there ready or not, and helping others take the lead. A humorous look at what God has taught me through ten years leading community theater.
  • Happily Ever After

Recapturing our children’s imagination in the age of technology. Are we losing that spark of creativity in this generation? What's bad about that? How can you combat the trend when everything around your child aims to turn him into a button pushing pint- sized zombie? Practical plans for fostering imagination.

  • Don't Forget to Pack the Kids

Two options for this travel talk: 
1) Taking your kids on a mission trip--Don't think it can be done? Think again. The benefits, joys, and challenges of serving with your kids, as well as the surprising ability you have to do it now. 
2) With experience in travel writing, I spend a lot of time planning and executing the perfect family vacation. Which doesn’t exist. How to: travel with kids and sanity intact, plan for all ages, take the dream trip you didn’t think you could afford, and volunteer together on vacation.


"Jill's many years of experience in ministry, drama, and writing give her a unique blend of gifts that is a blessing to both the church and the community. Her creativity and artistry are rare qualities, and her voice is one that needs to be heard."
Erick Ewaskowitz, Lead Pastor, Resolution Church

"Jill is a well traveled and published author with a relevant message. She will delight the listeners, and they will leave with a broader knowledge of who they are as well as having enjoyed her fellowship."
Diana Flegel, Agent Hartline Literary Agency

"I personally kept all Jill's freelance articles in my files and used them as illustrations. She speaks and writes from personal experience and from creative stories and in a very clear way."Ken Henry, retired pastor, Minneapolis First Free Methodist

Jill has been a high school teacher, pastor, editor, and writer, and the field is still wide open for future options. She speaks and writes on a wide range of topics, having published hundreds of magazine articles, one novel, one book of plays, and two non-fiction books. 

Jill has a BA in English and Education from Washington University in St. Louis and an MDiv in theology from Bethel University, St. Paul. She serves as Pastor of Discipleship at Resolution Church in Oswego, Illinois.

Jill speaks on an eclectic range of topics to church, school, and retreat groups in Chicagoland and surrounding areas.

A mother of three interesting girls and wife of one fabulous man, in her spare time, Jill enjoys gardening, directing and performing in community theater, reading, travel, and being a gymnastics mom.

Twitter: @jillmarierichar


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