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Friday, March 15, 2013

Speaker Karen Gaus Shares Experience of Raising Autistic Child

Karen shares her experiences of raising a child with Autism who now lives a self-sufficient life. She is inspiring and encouraging to all her hear her.  

Fees: $100 & up, depending on length & distance, + travel expense (Negotiable lower fee or free for those near Central Texas area)

Travel: USA

Categories: Autism, Motivation, Inspirational, Goals, Achievement, Relationships, Dreams, Challenges, Faith

Speaking Topics
  • The True Story of a Child Freed from the Bonds of Autism

A crisis such as having a child with Autism is stressful and heartbreaking. Hear how Karen and her family overcame autism—the lessons learned, and how her son went from a seemly incurable disability to a whole young man who lives a normal life in every aspect.
  • Motivation with Excellence

This presentation is an inspirational, motivational speech on excellence and achieving goals using fun anecdotes.

  • The Power of Words

In this speech Karen uses her unique experiences in life as well as great resources to give an inspiring speech full of emotion that helps the listener manage challenges, inspire dreams, and build relationships.

  • The Imprint of God

This is an inspiring speech about the evidence of a loving God in our chaotic world. God is blamed for everything from war to menstrual cramps. With stirring anecdotes, the Imprint of God will encourage and uplift..


“I have enjoyed seeing and hearing Karen blossom into an engaging and competent speaker who offers her insight and passion as a gift to every audience. I have known her through our affiliation in Toastmasters International, but I also speak from my experience as a college speech instructor. No matter what the topic or audience, Karen will bring an organized and entertaining speech that is full of useful well-researched information and compassionate and sensitive personal experience. Over and over I am drawn in by her testimony and focus on godly advice. I can highly recommend her as a speaker for any occasion.” 
D. Kirkland, Temple College Speech Instructor, Distinguished Toastmaster, Belton, Texas

"Karen Kraus understands the power of communication, both written and verbal. She is both encouraging and inspiring to everyone who has the pleasure of hearing her speak."
Brandi Myers

“I heard Karen Gaus deliver a speech entitled, The Power of Words. She had great use of stories and quotes to prove words have power. She concentrated on the power of words resolving issues which was great. Extremely effective speech!” 
Matt Mathieson


Karen Gaus grew up the fifth daughter in a family of six children. During her childhood, one of her favorite pastimes was to tell adventurous stories to her friends. One day the teacher arrived during an impromptu puppet show and loved it so much she invited her to entertain the whole class. It’s only logical she would grow up to write novels. Karen has won several first place and finalist awards including the 18th Annual Writer’s Digest International Self-Published Book Awards, Inspirational Writers Alive in Houston, Austin Manuscript Contest, and Barclay Literary Competition. She has been a school board member, an ACFW member, and president of her Toastmaster club. Karen lives in Texas with her husband of thirty-three years and is mother of two wonderful children, a twenty-four-year-old daughter and a twenty-year-old son.



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