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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Our Apology Regarding Our Filtering System Glitch

We noticed in today's Upon the Rock Publicist Daily News that a video was featured from the Chelsea Krost Show on an inappropriate topic that made it through our filters. We do not follow this show on our news feeds, but we do follow the main networks of CNN, New York Times, USA Today and it squeezed through from one of those news feeds or a similar one. As a result, we have updated our filters and would like to extend an apology if any of you were offended. 

This is a new online daily that we have recently set up, and we are still working out the details of what RSS feeds we want to include and which ones should be tweaked under different categories. It automatically filters specific news stories into category headlines from our Twitter account based on our follows and the lists we have created. 

Our goal is to be transparent when accidents like this happen so you will feel comfortable in counting on us to deliver informative news and relevant content as it happens, especially in the publishing industry. We appreciate your understanding and hope you will still subscribe to our new online daily. 


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