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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cleo Lampos Gives Encouraging Speeches to Parents and Educators

Cleo gives valuable insight to parents and educators when teaching our young children. 

As a ministry leader, Cleo encourages us to remember the orphan train. 

Fees: $100 - $500 + travel expenses

Travel: Midwest, Chicago area (within a day's drive)

Categories: Children's Education, Children's Ministry, Teaching, Early Education, Special Education, Parenting, Adoption

Speaking Topics
  • 5 Books That Influenced My Teaching Career

Books help to shape a teacher's philosophy and calling in education. Five books propelled my career in Special Education as well as teaching culturally deprived children. A time to share the audience's book choices is provided.
  • Getting Your Preschooler Ready for Kindergarten

There are so many ways to prepare a child to be successful in school by using household routines and materials. The activities introduced are easy to do, inexpensive, and fit into the normal structure and rhythm of a mother's day.
  • 10 Things College Did Not Teach to Prepare Educators for the Classroom

College prepares an educator for a lot of the experiences confronted during the first year of teaching. However, there are ten things that are necessary for a successful career that are seldom if ever discussed on campus by professors.
  • The 8 Intelligences by Gardner with a Christian Viewpoint

The eight intelligences developed by Gardner give insight into a person's predisposition whether they are family, student or neighbor. Knowing the basic underlying intelligence gives clues for formulating the most successful activities for the person. A Christian viewpoint of this way of evaluating intellectual gifts is given.

  • Remembering the Orphan Train

Taking in orphans is a Judeo-Christian tradition. Tracing the history of adoption and the beginnings of social work through the orphan trains, the audience learns about present day opportunities to ease the plight of homeless children in this country and overseas. Lampos has attended a reunion of the Orphan Train Riders and has met four surviving riders who are in their late nineties.


"I am privileged to have been Cleo Lampos' pastor for the last five years and during this time I've watched her expand her writing and speaking ministry. Cleo is, in the first place, a devoted follower of Jesus Christ and her various callings and ministries flow out of this relationship. She also is in every sense of the phrase, a word-smith. Cleo uses both the written and spoken word to tell stories about God's grace and to describe the world around us in a way that highlights God's sovereign rule. I have and continue to recommend Cleo's writing and speaking ministries to any and all who I'm convinced could be blessed by them."
Rev. Phillip S. Leo, Calvin Christian Reformed Church, Oak Lawn, Illinois

"Cleo Lampos is a warm engaging speaker who brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her audiences."
Lynn Austin- author

"I have known Cleo over the last three years at Calvin CRC Church. She has often been a script writer, dramatic speaker and liturgist in our services. As a member of our worship ministry, she has often written dialogues that have helped the congregation understand the meaning and significance of the Christian faith. I have had opportunity to hear Cleo speak in other venues and enjoyed her clear and insightful writing and speaking."
Pastor Rich De Vries, Oak Lawn, Illinois

Cleo Lampos has taught in the public school system for 26 in both regular education and special education. Her experiences are written in her book, Teaching Diamonds in the Tough:Mining the Potential of Every Student. She has written magazine articles on the topics of parenting, education and inspiration. As a retired teacher, Lampos participates on the worship team of her church, works with the GEMS program and Kids Connex, helps grow vegetables for Share the Harvest, and volunteers in the Bible League Thrift Store. She earned a Bachelors of Education from University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, and a Master's in Special Education from St. Xavier College, Chicago. Ten grandchildren keep her and her husband busy.



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