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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Finbar's Fiddle by Silas Champion

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What happened after the cow jumped over the moon? Well a lot. And most of it never made it into the book of rhymes. Which is exactly what Eleven-year-old Dallas McAllister discovers when she wakes up one morning dangling from a giant willow tree. Rescued by a fiddling cat named Finbar, Dallas makes her way through the land looking for Mother Goose.

With her knowledge of the rhymes, Dallas becomes famous for "knowing" the future. But when Old King Cole sends her deep into the Far Forest to rescue Humpty Dumpty, Dallas needs more than rhymes to stay alive. After all, Mother Goose never wrote anything about giant trolls and hungry wolves. How can a girl from Nebraska and fiddling cat do what all the king's men could not?

Silas Champion takes us on a merry romp through the nursery rhymes of Mother Goose. We follow Dallas as she learns there is more to these old rhymes than she ever suspected. There is more to Dallas as well.


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