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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Meet Author & Speaker Carol Howell

Speaker Carol Howell

Author and Speaker, as Certified Dementia Specialist 

Fees: $75 for 30 - 45 minute presentation within 30 minutes of home. Additional travel requires extra fee. 

Travel: USA

Categories: Health, Nutrition, Alzheimer's and Dementia,

Speaking Topics

  • How Food and Exercise Connect With Dementia

I have lost 100 pounds. Eating right and exercising are of utmost importance to me. This became even more true when I learned eating right and exercising can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's by 50%. My grandmother died of Alzheimer's, and my mother is presently living with the disease. I am doing everything I can to protect myself. This particular topic, like all my topics, is approached from a point of personal experience, but it is laced with much humor.

  • Communicating With A Loved One With Dementia 

This topic allows me to demonstrate the "do's and don'ts" of communicating with a loved one who has dementia. There are techniques that can drastically improve the potential for success in communication. There are also definite ways to assure failure. With a great deal of interacting with the audience, a huge amount of humor, and a lot of good practical information, the audience leaves energized and prepared to tackle life from a different angle.

  • How To Make A Caregiver Laugh   

Caregiving is a stressful and tiresome job. It is always my hope to bring knowledge, power, and hope to the lives of those in which I am blessed to make contact. One way of enriching lives is through humor. When I am given the opportunity to play the role of someone with dementia, the interaction between myself and the audience is very fun. The participants always laugh, always relate, and - I hope - leave feeling happier than when they arrived.

  • Alzheimer's and Dementia - Are They The Same?  

This topic is a basic "101" type class. We discover the definition of Alzheimer's, dementia, diversion therapy, and therapeutic fibbing. These are the four core points needed to understand the basics of good caregiving. The information is presented in a very easy to understand way, and, as always, laced with humor. No Powerpoint presentations, ever.

  • What Does God Think About My Weight?

I have lost 100 pounds. Through that process, I learned the scriptures have a great deal to say about food, self-esteem, and taking care of the Temple of God. IF MY BODY IS A TEMPLE, WHY AM I EATING DOUGHNUTS? is the book that came to be as a result of my weight-loss journey. I share many of the stories with the audience, make them laugh, and cause them to think about their relationship with God.


"The women of St. Anne's Guild of the Episcopal Church of our Savior want to thank you for your splendid presentation on Dementia."
Patricia Truncellito, President St. Anne's Guild, Rock Hill, SC

"Again, thank you for a wonderful education and inspiring presentation!!!" 
Lee Q. Miller, Lecturer of Gerontology and Sociology-
Winthrop University

"Thanks so much for a wonderful talk by Senior Life Journeys."
Robert Hope, The Shepherd's Center, Rock Hill, SC

Special Interests and Activities – I am a published author. I very much enjoy sitting in my office and writing the words God sends to me. The two of us, God and me, have published How I See It and If My Body Is A Temple, Why Am I Eating Doughnuts?. Our third book, I Prayed For My Refrigerator, and Other Stories of Faith, just became available in March of 2012. Now we are working on Let’s Talk Dementia – With A Splash Of Humor. 
I also have made it my goal to exercise 30 minutes per day EVERY DAY this year. As I have lost 100 pounds, this goal is very important to me.

Church Affiliation – My husband and I have been members of Westminster Presbyterian since 1998.

Family: Spouse – Michael – and my best friend Children – Brandie, a Physician Assistant, is married to Mike, a Dentist. They live in Florida. Pretzel – the miniature dachshund who plays an important role in my stories of dementia and passed away March 10, 2012; Carson – the adopted chartreuse cat. My Momma – Vera – who is the reason Senior Life Journeys came to be. 

Additional Info: I absolutely LOVE working with seniors through the use of music. It is amazing to see individuals “come alive” who would, otherwise, remain silent within their own world. I also enjoy speaking to groups and always hope my words speak HOPE into the day of someone traveling the journey of dementia. 



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