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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Meet Terry Burns, A Speaker on the Do's & Don'ts in Publishing

Author and Agent for Hartline Literary Agency, Terry often speaks on the craft of writing and the do's and don'ts in the publishing industry. 

Fees: Depends on topics and length

Travel: USA

Categories: Writing, Publishing, Faith

Speaking Topics

  • Writing to Reach the Unbeliever 
Jesus used fiction to make some of his most important points. They were called parables. Terry talks about using fiction in order to spread God's word and about the difference between writing for the Christian market and writing in hopes of reaching an unbeliever. Too often people say they are writing a "crossover book" but I believe a crossover book is an accident. Books are written 180 degrees for the maximum effect in the two markets so the writer should choose one and hope he or she can make people from the other market read it as well. Too often a book intentionally written for both markets ends up in that no-man's-land with too much faith content for the mainstream market and not enough to interest the Christian market. Terry will talk about these differences and how to reach the desired audience.

  • Just Say Yes 

Too often we don't understand that not saying yes to the Lord is the same as saying no. People who would never dream of saying no to God can do it through inactivity and failure to act. What can this concept mean to the Christian Writer? Presented as a keynote or 30 min to an hour.

  • Editor and Agent Pet Peeves   

Are there things that can rub an editor or an agent the wrong way and effect the success of a submission? You bet there are, and Terry has collected a number of them in a program designed to help writers avoid some of the pitfalls they may not even see coming.

  • Survive Your Way to Publication  

Publication is not a selection process but a survival process. Terry walks to author through the entire pitch and submission process, How to do a proposal and what each portion is and what it does. How to pass the various tests and make it into the 15% of submissions that are actually in the running. This workshop is presented in a Q & A format that goes along with his new book on the same subject.

  • Agent Q & A  

The most popular sessions at most conferences are the agent and editor panels. If your conference or workshop is not planning an agent panel Terry does a Q and A session designed to answer to key questions like "do I need an agent?" "How do I get an agent?" He talks about how to work with an agent, and a variety of other questions about the publishing


"My highest compliments on the job you did in presenting this material. I found it practical, honest, insightful, and clear. You offer a lot of wisdom in what you've presented. I see this as excellent material for a person just starting out, and good or reassuring for someone who is farther down the writing path."
Max Elliott Anderson, Author

"This was a tremendously helpful course. I so appreciate your time and effort to respond to all our questions, even in the midst of recovering from an injury! Although I didn't participate much, I was inspired to get off my duff and put on my "I am a writer" hat by putting together a website and blog. It seems everyday I had a question answered I hadn't even thought to ask. Your explanation about why agents and editors want to see a synopsis changed my whole perspective on the dreaded thing! What a blessing you've been to us all, thank you so much!"
Niki Turner, Author

"I ended up mostly lurking but I learned so much. I learned that I can hide behind my VP on Stage personna and not be as afraid to pitch (I hope, lol!). I so appreciate all the time you took and for giving a thorough class with such  usable material. Thank you seems rather puny by comparison."
Pamela James, Author

Terry has been with the Hartline agency for over ten years, five years as an agent, and has a substantial list of clients, a growing list of credits, and a reputation for presenting to conferences all over the country with workshops, speeches, keynotes and generally having individual appointments with authors in connection with the event. He is consistently listed near the top on the Publisher's Marketplace list of agents helping debut authors to publish. Terry comes from a writing background, has over 40 books of his own in print, is a graduate of West Texas State and did post graduate work at Southern Methodist University. Terry is a native Texan and is based at Hartline's Amarillo Texas field office. He is a member of the Association of Author's Representatives and a signatory to their rules and practices.

Twitter: @Terry79104 


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