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Friday, October 26, 2012

Meet Author & Speaker Dave Stevens

Author and Speaker who is a self-proclaimed 

adrenaline junky who loves science and technology

Fees: Free to reasonable, depending on event

Travel: USA

Categories: Christian-based Science, Converting Agnostics, Converting Atheists

Speaking Topics

  • Christians, Stop Fighting Science: Use It!

Hitting the science-loving atheist or agnostic upside the head with a Bible is probably not going to work. Scripture to them might as well be written in Hebrew. They put their belief in science and really believe a God is not required to explain the universe. We must speak to them in their language, before we can reach them with any message. Forget about Evolution, use physics to reach them. We'll discuss in simple terms how quantum mechanics requires an "observer" to start the universe.

  • Reaching Those Who Don't Believe that God is Required to Explain the Universe

We spend millions of dollars and volunteer hours introducing Christianity in developing countries. That’s awesome, but we’re going to talk about reaching your fellow citizens: the educated agnostic or atheist relative, friend, or coworker who was raised with little or no church exposure.

  • Keeping Your Know-It-All Brother-In-Law From Burning in Hell

How do you overcome objections from know-it-alls?

  • Reaching CEOs, Scientists, Lawyers and Legislators

Christians often give up attempting to reach these people in frustration. As a former agnostic, I believe that's extremely dangerous. These people are running our corporations, schools and country. They write or interpret our laws. There are more of them out there than you think. Most won’t share their real beliefs because they don’t want to offend.

  • Bridging science and religion. from David E Stevens on Vimeo.

    Commander David E. Stevens, was a Navy Commander and F-18 pilot. A self-professed adrenaline junky who loves science and technology, he holds engineering degrees from Cornell and The University of Michigan, with graduate work in human factors and astrophysics. During the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, Dave served as the Navy Strike Operations Officer for the Persian Gulf. He also test-piloted new fighters, received an aviation patent, and with a Top Secret clearance, led classified defense programs.



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